Top Story: Why Engineers Make The Best Boyfriends/Husbands


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Ladies, let’s face it. It seems like there really are slim pickings out there when it comes to finding the perfect boyfriend, and eventually the perfect husband. Forget the losers you dated in high school, and the frat boys from college and even the sleazy professionals from your first jobs in the real world. What you’re looking for, my friends, is a man who’s an engineer.

Hear me out – there are tons of jobs out there where guys bring in loads of dough and can shower you with diamonds and fancy cars and lavish dinners on the town and put you up in swanky high-rise apartments (whew, I better stop before my mind gets out of control with this!). But how many of those guys actually care about you, too? Not many.

That’s why you need an engineer. Actually, here are 7 slightly more specific reasons why you need an engineer.

They Make Great Money

OK, it’s no secret that engineers make incredible money. And what girl isn’t looking for a little sugar here and there? But what sets the engineers apart from the rest of these high-power, high-money positions is that they won’t go overboard with showing off their bling.

Engineers tend to stay humble about their money, but still want to spoil the heck out of you. It’s the perfect balance, really!

They Have A Stable Job

The American economy has always needed engineers, and they always will. On top of that, a 27-year-old former engineering student probably has a few good, solid years of experience under his belt at that point, versus a law student who’s probably still going to school and will be paying off school loans for the rest of his life.

No, an engineer has a steady job straight out of college, and they don’t require an obscene amount of school. That means more time for you – yay!

They’re Freakin’ Smart!

How sick and tired are you of going on dates with lame-o guys who don’t know how to carry on a good, intelligent conversation? I, for one, have had it up to here with those guys (as I reach up over my head – here!). I want to go on a date with a man who knows how to talk to me and is sometimes even willing to debate me and discuss important topics – y’know, other than shoes and purses and clothes and everything else that’s important to me.

Engineers are great for that – but they also won’t overpower you with the smartness. They’ll still love to hear about your latest shopping spree, too, I’m sure! (Translation: they’re smart, but laid back, too.)


They Work Hard to Understand You

Engineers make very sure in their day-to-day lives to fully understand their tasks at hand. You are just another task for him to accomplish, so he will do everything in his power to work to understand you and learn how to make you happy.

When he figures out what works, he’ll store it as a “formula” in his head and remember that it makes you happy – and he will continue to repeat it while making tiny variations each time so you’re still on your toes. It’s a wonderful and exciting happiness!

They’re Dedicated

Did you, or do you, know any engineering students in school? Did you ever see them out at parties, or were they always at the library with their nose in a book?

Engineers are naturally dedicated to their profession, and the dedication usually carries over into other aspects of their lifestyles – like going to the gym and paying attention to you. That’s a win-win right there: a guy who’s in shape and totally dedicated to his girlfriend and his successful career? Yes, please!

They’re Too Busy to Cheat

As if the dedication factor weren’t already enough, add into the equation the fact that they often have crazy project deadlines to meet and rarely have much free time, and you have yourself a cheat-proof boyfriend/husband.

Don’t let the time stuff scare you, though – yes, they’re busy, but they will always find time for you. They are great time managers!

They’ll Do All the Handy Work

Whether you own a house or live in an apartment, when something goes wrong, who do you call to fix it? Do you shell out money to the pros when there’s a crack in your floor or the pipes under your sink burst? What about when something goes wrong with one of your outlets? Do you know how to fix these problems yourself?

Let’s be honest – most of us don’t, and that’s why we usually have to call in the pros. But when you have an engineer for a boyfriend, you have a built-in handyman. He’s smart enough to figure all of that tough stuff out, and he won’t charge you (except for maybe a hug and a kiss – which you should give him anyway!).

Author Bio: Jamie Aldson is a freelance writer with a not-so-great dating track record, but her current boyfriend happens to be an engineer. He recently helped her install the aluminum framing for a shed in her backyard – she liked watching him work, and he liked helping her with something she couldn’t do herself. It was a win-win.


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