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logo wpAssalamualaikum wr. wb. my friends all over the world.

Hay guys…. It has been a long time I didn’t show up in the cloud world like I did before. For those who always visit my blog and get updated with my stories will think like that. Not without reason that I vacuum from cyberspace and post nothing. There must be a reason, fella. So, if I may share, I was actively participated on WEB MASTER class held by Bugs Training Center. The class itself is divided into 3 learning courses. There are web programming, web design, and APSI (Analysis and Design of Information Systems). At the end of the class, there will be a project making our own website. btcSimply, this is an excellent class for newbie and do not know anything about web. Here I was thought from zero about how the web work, how the process of making website, programmed the website, and the design of the website itself. What is the point of having a good website and share helpful information but doesn’t have a good look and not user friendly, isn’t it?

For about 40 times meeting, surprisingly, it is almost completed and the certificate of training will be printed. It was begun on February 20th, 2015 until I’ll get a certificate on 1 July 2015 later. Time flies so fast baby.

Okay, for you who want to learn web from basic, just call me. I will share my best knowledge including my e-book I wrote myself. And this offer is just given to those who really have passion and real will. Note that. But don’t forget for the money for me buying coffee, okay 😉 Hehehe. And for your information, my website has been synchronized with this blog. It means that my blog is purely as the content sources for my website. I slightly can not bear if had to move all the content of this blog to there. Or for the worst, I totally move and start a new story on that website. It means that this blog is going to be an orphan without father and mother. Hahaha.

Honestly, I am a loyal man. So, this blog is not going to be removed. Instead, I will often update it.  Because this blog is actually the platform of sources for that website indeed. But, the blog is purely as the information sources which is divided into 3 main contents including Education, Career and Innovation.

Education category will be filled by information around college, campus, school, Lecturer, Seminar, laboratorium, Ebook, Scholarship, tutorial, and software. So for you who is looking on that topic above, please calm, just click the category of Education in my website (www.wantook.com).

Idea and art (which then I called innovation) will be contained of my Personal stuff (something like my personal stories and my lifeline journey), Friend’s Story, Opinion, Re-shared story (Repost from other blog), Short story, Poem, and Poetry. Those who love my masterpiece, like my opinion and my way of thinking, or even stalking what I am doing or with whom I am falling in love now #eh, you can find it on this category. I’m open for all of my friends.

Work & career is approximately talking about Passion, Hobby, Leisure, Motivation, Preparation, Activity, Committee, Organization, Employment, Experience, Participation, Job Information and Vacancy. Well, this topic is the hottest in the history of IFI Talks. The total visitors are more than one billion people in the world.  Seriously, for you guys who want to follow and join, please click this category.

These three categories can all be accessed on the official website http://www.wantook.com. The websites that I programmed and designed by myself is the combination of script HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and bootstrap. These all is my hard work of learning and trying waking up from falling on BTC (Bugs Training Center) Yogyakarta. BTC is the Training Institutions for learning computer located in Yogyakarta. Yap, They have yet to open new branch in other city and still happily standing and sharing in Yogyakarta.

Perhaps for those of you who still lay like me, will be used to hear the HTML, CSS, Javascript especially PHP. But not much people know more about bootstrap. Well this is pretty good for the look of the website. For you who open my website (www.wantook.com) using mobile phones will get a different view if you open it via PC/laptop.

The technology or commonly known as “additional CSS script”, will identify the width of the gadget’s screen you are using.  If you are browsing my website (www.wantok.com) via PC, you’ll get the whole display of website. But for you who browse via phone, this additional css script (bootstrap) will identify and organize all the contents from my web so it will look more user-friendly to you.

So, simply, to see and test the awesomeness of this CSS script, you can open My Web (www.wantook.com) using a tablet. Try opened it in landscape position first. After that you rotate it into portrait position and see what happens. Got it?

And thank you very much for those of you who had come to my website and blog. I really appreciate your coming and visiting. Web and this blog, once again I announce with a loud voice is ad-free. So this website is free for you. No charge any more.

And I really appreciated my viewer who is surprisingly not only from Indonesia. In the past year, my blog (www.ifitalkssomething.wordpress.com) has been visited by more than 30 countries worldwide. And the member is always growing and growing. I even get a thank-you and a kind of gift from wordpress anyway. Wow I am very proud of it. Because what I share and what I post is appreciated really well from you. Thank you guys.

So starting from today and this posting, I will post my writing in two languages, English and Indonesian. Not only as a form of my appreciation to my viewer who actually not only from the tropical countries (with additional season of “fog”), but also because of my will who want to learn and practice English language proficiency. Really sad knowing that I had wasted a lot of money for english class but I never sharpen and implement the knowledge so it is slowly lost with age, faded by times. And I hope in this way, I am able to sharpen this useful skill. Amen…

So, if there is something wrong or missing, please let me know and please correct me. For you to understand, I am still learning. Hehehe…

Don’t be surprised if the next post there will be two languages. Relax. Those who do not have time to translate, I also provide Indonesian language anyway.

And welcome to WANTOOK DOT COM. This is my premier official website. Happy reading guys and sisters all over the world. Btw, the term “wantook” is consisted of double letter “o”, okay. Hehehe…


Assalamualaikum wr. wb. teman-teman ku semua di seluruh penjuru dunia.

Hai guys… lama banget ya gue gak eksis di dunia maya kaya yang dulu-dulu. Ya pasti lu yang selalu update cerita gue bakal mikir kaya gitu. Bukan tanpa alasan gue vakum dari dunia maya dan gak mosting apa-apa. Semua ada alasannya kawan. Jadi sedikit share aja nih, gue sedang aktif ikut kelas WEB MASTER yang diadakan oleh Bugs Training Center. Kelas WEB MASTER ini sendiri kebagi jadi 3. Ada web programming, web design, dan APSI (Analisis & Perancangan Sistem Informasi). Di akhir kelas bakal ada project buat bikin web. Oke gamblangnya, ini adalah kelas yang sangat baik buat newbie dan gak tau apa-apa tentang web. Disini gue diajarin dari nol bagaimana web bekerja, bagaimana proses pembuatan website itu, belajar bahasa pemrogramannya, dan tampilannya alias design webnya. Apa gunanya punya website bagus dan share info bermanfaat tapi gak bagus tampilannya dan gak user friendly. Ya gak teman-teman?

40 pertemuan tak terasa hampir selesai dan sertifikat training akan gue dapatkan sodara-sodaraaah. Memulai langkah pembelajaran pada tanggal 20 Februari 2015 hingga akan mendapatkan sertifikat tanggal 1 July 2015 mendatang. Waktu terbang begitu cepat teman-teman.

Okay, bagi yang berminat buat belajar web dari nol banget, kontak gue aja. Gue bakal share ilmu pamungkas gue termasuk ebook yang gue tulis sendiri. Dan ini cuma buat yang benar-benar niat loh ya. Ingat tuh baik-baik. Tapi yaaa jangan lupa uang kopi nya aja 😉 Hehehe. Dan buat info aja, web gue udah disinkron ama blog ini. Artinya, blog ini murni sebagai sumber konten  dari website gue. Gue sedikit gak tega kalo harus mindahin semua konten dari blog ini kesana. Atau lebih menyedihkannya lagi, pindah dan memulai cerita baru di web itu. Artinya blog ini bakal jadi yatim piatu yang tanpa bapak dan ibu. Hahaha.

Sejujurnya, gue insyaAllah orang yg setia kok. Jadi, blog ini gak bakal gue hapus malah bakal lebih sering gue update. Karena dia adalah platform dari sources si website itu. Tapi, dia murni hanya sebagai sumber informasi yang dibagi dalam 3 main content yaitu Education, Career dan Innovation.

Education sendiri akan berisi seputar college, campus, school, Lecturer, Seminar, laboratorium, Ebook, Scholarship, tutorial, and software. Jadi buat kalian yang ngerasa mencari tema-tema di atas, tenang, tinggal klik kategori Education di website gue (www.wantook.com).

Idea and Art (yang selanjutnya gue sapa dengan Innovation) bakal memuat Personal stuff (curhat dan semacam cerita kehidupan gue), Friend’s Story (cerita teman gue), Opinion, Reshared story (Repost punya orang), Short story (cerpen), Poem (sajak), dan Poetry (puisi). Buat yang suka ama karya-karya gue, ngefans ama opini dan cara berpikir gue atau bahkan pingin kepo gue lagi sibuk apa atau lagi suka sama siapa #eh, bisa klik kategori ini. Gue terbuka buat teman-teman semua.

Work & Career  kurang lebih bakal muter-muter sejauh topik Passion, Hobby, Leisure, Motivation, Preparation, Activity, Committee, Organization, Employment, Experience, Participation, Job Information, Vacancy. Nah, tema paling hot dalam sejarah IFI TALKS adalah yang satu ini. Viewernya dari semiliaran umat di dunia. Serius loh ini. Bagi yang mau ikutan gabung, silahkan klik kategori ini.

Tiga kategori ini semua bisa diakses di website resmi gue di http://www.wantook.com. Website yang gue programming dan design sendiri ini adalah gabungan script HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP dan bootstrap. Ini semua adalah hasil bertapa gue di BTC (Bugs Training Center) Yogyakarta yang lebih tepatnya tempat training computer di Yogya. Yap, mereka belum buka cabang dan masih senang di Yogya aja.

Mungkin bagi kalian yang awam kaya gue, bakal biasa denger HTML, CSS, Javascript apalagi PHP. Tapi bootstrap mungkin sedikit yang kenal. Nah ini lumayan bagus buat tampilan website. Buat elu yang buka website gue (www.wantook.com) menggunakan handphone bakal berbeda tampilannya kalo elu buka webnya lewat PC/Laptop.

Teknologi atau bisa disingkat sebagai “script CSS tambahan” ini akan mengidentifikasi lebar layar gadget yang kalian gunakan. Jika browsing web gue (www.wantook.com) make PC, maka tampilan utuh web bakal kalian dapatkan. Tapi buat yang buka make handphone, script css tambahan ini (bootstrap) akan mengidentifikasi dan mengatur semua isi web gue sehingga lebih user friendly buat yang liat.

So, gampangnya buat ngetes kedahsyatan script CSS ini, lu bisa buka web gue (www.wantook.com) make tablet. Coba dibuka dalam posisi landscape dulu. Setelah itu elu puter tu gadget jadi posisi portrait dan liat apa yang akan terjadi. Udah paham kan?

Dan terimakasih banget buat yang udah datang ke website dan blog gue. Gue sangat menghargai kedatangan kalian. Web gue dan blog gue, sekali lagi gue lantangkan dengan keras adalah bebas iklan. Jadi ini web free. No charge any more.

Dan gue sangat apresiasi buat viewer yang ternyata gak cuma dari Indonesia. Satu tahun terakhir ini blog gue (www.ifitalkssomething.wordpress.com) ini udah dikunjungi lebih dari 30 negara di dunia. Dan itu selalu bertambah dan terus bertambah membernya. Dapat ucapan terimakasih dan semacam gift dari wordpress pula. Wah bangga banget gue. Karena artinya apa yang gue tulis dan gue post di apresiasi baik oleh kalian semua teman-teman. Makasih masbro.

Jadi mulai dari hari ini dan postingan yang ini, gue akan post tulisan gue dalam dua bahasa, English dan Indonesia. Bukan hanya sebagai bentuk apresiasi gue pada viewer gue yang ternyata gak cuma dari Negara beriklim tropis dan hujan aja (plus asap), tapi juga atas dasar gue pingin belajar dan ngelatih kemampuan bahasa Inggris gue. Sayang aja duit keluar banyak buat mendidik anak yang cupu ini. Tapi ilmu English nya luntur di makan zaman. Dan semoga dengan cara ini, gue bisa mengasah skill bermanfaat satu ini. Amin…

Jadi, kalo ada yang salah, mohon dikoreksi ya. Maklum masih belajar. Hehehe…

Jangan kaget juga kalo postingan berikutnya bakal ada dua bahasa. Tenang. Buat yang gak ada waktu menterjemahkan, gue juga sediakan bahasa Indonesianya kok.

Dan selamat datang di WANTOOK DOT COM. This is my premier official website. Happy reading guys and sisters all over the world. Btw, wantook itu o nya double loh ya. Hehehee.


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