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20 september 2014. It’s almost about 1 year ago when this business card was printed. It was 200 pieces on 2 boxes and now it just left for about 20 of them. Most of them were given and held by the presenter of seminar, trainer, new friends and trusted people. I really love to travel and meet new people. Talk a lot about anything and finally we swap our own business card. I got theirs and they got mine.
Enjoyable and really fun.
Now I am thinking about the new design of my next business card. It should be cool but still elegant though.
Time flies so fast ha.

Many companies expect their candidates to answer questions posed in an interview in the STAR method. These companies include: BBC, Harrods, Debenhams, Lloyds, Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, BP, GSK, PwC, and HSBC to name but a few.

Attending an interview, be it over the telephone or in person, is a stressful time. What to say, how to say it, your behaviour, your style of speech as well as many other things come under the microscope.

I always use this method and you guys can beat it too…
If you have interest on finding an effective way when facing such those problem, never hesitate to cone to my website.

Even when we are doing something good, there will be always people who hate what we are doing. It’s clearly impossible to make everbody smiles at what we’re doing. So, the only way to make our dream comes true is just to keep silent. Make them still busy to hate us while we are improving ourself day by day. They will end up such a useless guy and we are gonna earn what we adore.
Keep fighting sir @ridwankamil!
Ya Allah, if it’s the way you prepare for me, please make it nice and make this long journey I’ve got really worth enough to take.
Thanks God I can get the best opportunity to meet those great people. But I know one thing.
It’s time to pack the stuff in and go home. We need to divide and organize how much hours we give for the company we are working at, for our beloved one, and for our me time. Life is created not only for earning money but also to be enjoy with it. Thanks god for everything you gave to me until right now. Please do help me a favor again and again.
The left one is the picture of me taken in 2010. And 3 months later, I become the one on the right. Having a heavy weight for about 85 kg, makes me an overweight boy. I am quite getting sick and a little bit hard to concentrate in school. And that’s quite enough to explain why I need to transform. Believe it or not, I can make it in 3 months. I thought less than that. I can reduce my weight for about 30 kg. Unbelievable! From 85 into 55. But I can make it. What I did is just simple. Being vegetarian for a couple of days then I eat meat and ice cream in every weekend. I minimize the consumption of rice and learn to swim. And now I am becoming  a real good diver. I am running all day on the soccer field and the sweat comes out so much.
In that time, i just believe in one thing. “Nothing is impossible if we want to spare our time and make the dream happened”
And now I am terribly happy because I can touch the ideal weight of 63 kg.
I never say NO in the first step I make. I always believe on the power of magical of saying YES I CAN. I am not gonna be like this if in the first time I am starting my day by saying “I am not quite sure if I can make it”. The word of NO consciously or not make a negative mindset in your activity. It will block our way and make us stop before reaching the finish line.
So, let’s change your mindset and start to make your dream happened!
Alhamdulillah… thank you my friends for trusting my website as your sources or references.
My website is dedicated for education, work,  and passion. This warning of booming stats is not only happened once. I forget how many times I’ve received this warm congratulation from wordpress.
For those of you who want to join on my website, please come and directly go to :
Before you turns 30 years old, follow somebody!
This is what I felt when my thesis presentation done and I couldn’t attend the graduation ceremony the next month  just because Halliburton had called me and hired me so I had to pack all of my stuff in and fly away to Balikpapan. So sad but I had to face it. Plus with the problems I should leave behind.I still remember that I have to sacrifice 10 companies I’ve applied to attend the hiring process of Halliburton. Yap, as like as what Jason Statham said in his movie. “Victory loves preparation”.
I know that I am just a little kid with the low level of IQ so I have to boost up my self in other aspect.
I need to prepare really well. And I guess that I am really good in it. I prepare my CV, attend some career preparation workshop and join some public speaking class. I learn a lot indeed.

Nothing would be perfect without preparation. So I make plan A, plan B until plan E. And pray for the best. I still have a God tough. So, for you all guys. You need to know who you are exactly, what your dream is and well known about what kind of way you’ll take. Is it slippery, rough or etc.
You decide it. And dont forget to ask your senior, parents or your friends. Discuss with them so you can earn a lot of consideration. Dont make a mistake although it’s usually happened. And if there was, you must learn from it and convince yourself not to do it anymore.

Please also remember that everything that lies on your life is never being a coincedence. It has been set up and monitorized by the God. Never compare what you achieve with your friends. Never compare your life with your friend’s life. Cause basically we are all different. And we’re all meant to be.
It’s not all about the result you have or the money you earn every month. It’s all about love, passion and the process you get and the lessons you take that make you more mature.
And last, if you have God, please never hesitate on the power of His invissible hand. Pray and beg from him a help.

In this level of age, I always think why some people loves their job while some hates theirs. I know it’s all about the decision we take. Some of my friend thought that working behind the table in the room full of Air Conditioner is so marvelous. But it’ll be different if I ask my other best friend. He said that jumping in the field and working in the middle of hot weather is a dream job. Suprisingly, He said it with high confidence.
Yap, I can not make an assumption that everyone is the same on this earth. Cause actually every people has their own point of view when he/she face the problem. I own mine and you own yours.
One day I saw a man with a big smile on his face translated the speech/sermon giving by khatib to some deaf. I even dont know that this job is ever exist. He did it with sincere. And at that moment I realize that everything we do in this planet will give the impact to anybody around us. Some will give big impact and some give small. You dont need to worry about the job you do. There are only 2 options. You do what you love or you love what you do. Seems same but different. If you do what you love, it means that the job you’re working at is the job you are passionate at. But if you love what you do, it means that you didnt really like the job and you are trying to love it.
I thought that the man i saw in mosque few days ago got the first option. You have a right to choose what you wanna be, what you wanna do, and what character you wanna get. But remember, every path you step on will give an impact to your friends, your parents, your family and your girlfriend or your boyfriend. So, think wisely before you decide to move. Do it with your heart, do it with your passion, and do what you love.
I can not imagine if everybody in this world being a king or a president. No one would be an engineer, no one would be a doctor or a slave. As I’ve said before, everybody choose his path. I choose mine and you got your self choose yours. The proses itself that making some different result. Maybe everone has a dream to be a president but at the end we did not need 2 president in the same country, didn’t we?
So, you could be anything if had vision and mission.
For me, travelling has a lot of meaning. For those of you who seeking for fun and pleasure, yes, travelling may be a good options.
For some people, travelling could be such an escape from routine which make them bored. Some of you would pack your stuff in and run for a country you’ve never visited before.
Personally, travelling has a deeper meaning. It makes me get out from my comfortable zone. It’s right that my room is so comfy.Having a lot of books to read, a computer that connect to internet, a nice bathroom, a good bed, some delicious food to eat and a family who always keep me safe.
But I am not gonna know what happen outside if I never decide to move. And the real lessons of this world is outside of my home. So, I decide to go somewhere and learn a lot from the city where I depart.
I believe that this long journey will make me more mature, more knowledgeable, and obviously more healthy 🙂 Travelling is just one of my way for getting happiness.

So, define your happiness…
Hai adikku yang mada @nurimnurulimanda, selamat wisuda yaaa… cieee yang udah mau koas. Semoga lancar ya kedepannya. Maaf belum bisa kasih bunga. Pastinya udah banyak cowok2 yang bakal kasih bunga tadi kan ya. Hehehe.. Good luck ya! We are proud of you lah 😉
The reasons why i love diving because when i dive, i can easily challenge myself to do something new. It could be how long i could hold my breath in the 7 meter depth pool or maybe dive with my back touching the floor. And even when I am a little bit brave, I could walk with the heavy belt surrounding my waist. Diving also make us to break our own limit and this is important for every aspect of life. As we know that to take another higher step, we have to break our limit and change the habit. And diving also teach me to be patient and not to be panic. Cause once we are panic, we can not control the air in our brain and again diving teach us how to manage ourself. It is important for every leaders to manage their own emotion before manage hundreds of people, isn’t it?
The last business card I make is for my beloved girl @nisahsna, she wants something elegant but colorful. I think harder and find the idea. Combining black color behind rainbow is the best word for this business card. Black and blue as I know is the elegant color makes this one is so sweet but still strong. I explore whole of my ability in psd, cdr, ect to make this one special. Cause I know this one is presented for the special one. Printed in the ivory paper with a weight of 260gr makes this card a little tight but still comfy in the hand. Covered in the glossy laminated plastic absolutely makes this card shines. Hope you like this 2 side business card 😉 #mantan
As a good son, I help my mother to run her business smoothly. So I help her to design a business card that she hold right now. I hope her business @pondokbiyai is success and always success.
My little sister @nurimnurulimanda also want me to make her a business card. So I gather the information I need such as what color she likes, what type of woman she is, and what kind of design she wants. I show her some portfolio so she can easily to decide which suit her personality.
I also realize that design takes place in making a business card. Having an old-fashioned business card, push me to try something new. I insert my design ability in this new and latest business card. It’s more simple, catchy, and contain a lot of information I need to share.
The first business card I have is the below one. Then knowing that I handle some of social media of my own, the second business card is printed. But it’s happened right when the first one has completely sold out 🙂
What are you gonna wear if everybody in that room using a white costume?
I am gonna wear the red one. Why?
Because I am an epic person.
For me, epic means “dare to be different, brave to be more legit, and never afraid to stand out in the crowd.”
It’s up to you to give your own opinion about this unique word.
I will raise my hand and try to throw a joke and make a calm room to be more fun. That’s the EPIC side of me.
I will ask anything that comes in my head without any long consideration. It doesn’t make me stupid btw. Instead, it makes me different and If I were you, I will pick that red rose which grow in the middle of white rose garden. Do you know why? Because that red one is EPIC and different compared with others.
Hey you… yeah you @nisahsna…
I don’t know how to express my love and how much I miss you so bad. The time and distance makes us part a million miles away. I even don’t know what kind of jokes I’ll throw just to make you smile. I’m not even a kind of a romantic guy so please forgive me for being such that kind.
But wait a minute….
I guarantee you. I’ll be the best man who will stand in front of you when the bad thing comes closer, I’ll be the right guy who will hold tight your hand when you are trying so hard to give birth to our son. And I am gonna be the best listener for every story you’ll share. I also wanna be the best friends of yours who’ll push you to break the limit that keep you in your comfortable zone that makes you never wanna move and stay behind.I am sorry for not always being together with you. But the improtant thing to keep in every relationship is communication. So I’ll stay keep update and keep contact as quick as I can.

All of those thing I did, I do and I’m gonna do just to make you happy. Please smile 🙂 #mantan
Maybe you get lost and trying to find a way getting back home. Or maybe you are the man who want to break the limit just to get better known about yourself.
Try to jump higher to see how better we are Or jump and fall from a cliff committing suicide.
Personally I think there is no option is a bad choices. Someone decide to use heroin, having sex with million guys he never met before, try to decide walking on a shoes  million miles a way from home or even the worst cases, He stand still in the middle of road waiting a big truck hit her.
Yap, no matter what everybody sees you, or judge you, just remember not to be ever dictated by what they told you. You are who you are. I am so sure that every thing we had, everything we take must be planned. Or for a while, you must be think it before you make it. It’s impossible to make everybody happy. No one will smile at you for every path you decide to take. Some will care and some just wanna know or curious. So, make your plan, do your move and show to the world that you can be a better human. Just go ahead for every resistance you face. Make a story so everyone will remind it as a history. Jump and walk away!
Sometimes reading and diving is the best options to kill time. Another leisure activity I did is recording whatever I want. A speach, a song, or a story from friend’s blog is uploaded on my soundcloud. I am terribly sorry for my bad voices while singing. I assume it was the best take I’ve ever done. For those who curious or just wanna know, please come to mine 🙂
Suddenly the memory is coming in front of my head, knocking it and getting inside.
I suddenly remember sitting in front of 3 interviewers asking me a lot of questions.
The most question I like is the question which is asked by the man who is actually being my field supervisor later on.
“Give me the right value or answer from this!”
And He slowly gave me a paper with the question on it.
“3 Volt with the current of 1 Ampere” I answered less than 10 second.
I even didn’t touch the paper btw.
“Good… And show me the way you could get it” He replied.
And then mathematically I told him how I can get those answer.Honestly I am not a smart boy. But I just got lucky getting the easiest question at that time.
Really, it was the question which’s ever given by my lecturer on his last presentation. I rose my hand and proudly wrote the answer on the whiteboard. And the most unbelievable one is that the question I answered at that time is the question I answered in front of the interviewer who is gonna be my field supervisor.

Do you believe in a coincidence?
I am sorry… I am not.

God show me the way. Cause He knew I need it and with His magical hand, He helped me a lot. Thanks God, I know you are the one who did it!

Back to a couple of months ago, one of my best friends asked me why I love blogging and the real reasons why I love to share. I laugh for a while then answer his question.

I knew every moment we’ve got could be a precious thing someone admire of. If I wanna get a lot of traffic of my website, YES I WANT. And it’s obviously normal for every blogger in this world. Realizing that something we think not really valuable could be a precious story for others, I started blogging.
Not because it’s easy but it’s also push me to be a better person. I step further to achieve every goal so I can share the experience to my friends. And poof, suddenly hundreds of post has been created and uploaded on my website.
I’ve never thought it could possibly happen. But It happened actually.
Some of you maybe a little bit shy or not so sure whether the diction you’ll put on your post is gonna be attractive and catchy. But don’t worry, that’s what I thought in the day I start to write.
Every leader I knew really love to share. Some of them wrote a book, some of them love to give a public seminar or a speech. It’s the same way btw. They share what they’ve experienced. Like mr. @handrysatriago and mr. @madeandi.
Even the worst dream you got on your nightmare could be a good story for somebody there to read.
So, don’t be afraid to start writing. It’s easy and really fun indeed.

I always amaze on every story I heard from someone sitting beside me while travelling to somewhere. I started to say “Hai”, shaking his/her hand then started to talk. Some of theirs is really unpredictable and makes me happy because I knew that every journey which someone has passed could be a wild and an adventurous path for the person like me. I love to talk, i love to share and i love to blog.

Here is one of my post that got the highest traffic on my website. Enjoy to read fellas :

See what I am doing when there is nothing to do. In this leisure time, i spend my time to sketch a logo of my own. And this is what it looks like 😉
Sebut saja namanya “bunny”, a money eater 😃
These eyes can not compromise my will to share the thought that I got when attended the Shalat Jumat lecturer.
To make it fast cause my eyes is so sleepy, I will re-write what I got at that time. “You could probably proud of what you’ve got while doing some “amalan” activities. But remeber not all of them will be prize with “pahala”. So you may do something good and kind. But if you did not do it with ikhlas, you are gonna be useless doing it.” And the last words I still remember is that “Mari kita hadari masjid yang dulunya sesak dengan manusia namun kini satu saf saja sudah tiada, mari kita baca kembali dan gaungkan ayat quran yang dulunya merdu kini hanya tinggal gulungan kaset, mari, mariii kawan2ku semua, sucikan wajahmu dengan wudhu dan singkarkan debu yang sudah tebal menyelimuti alquranmu itu”
Good night everyone 😃

Success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all LOVE of what you are doing. God is working to better your life this very moment. Just because you might not understand what is happening doesn’t mean it’s not part of His plan.

Happy weekend and enjoy your morning coffee guys 😃
Dirgahayu Republik Indonesiaku. Cieee yang makin tua. Hehehe.
Personally I think to celebrate something is not by getting a party, conducting an event, or everything that cost  a lot of money. For me, it’d be better to reflect to our ownself. What we’ve done a couple of months before to make our nation getting better, what we’ve achieved to make our lovely Indonesia  getting mature. So, I thought I am not deserve to celebrate this Independence Day. Not because I am an anti-patriotic or so lazy to wake up in the morning just to attend the ceremony, but actually it’s not just a celebration or the event that has to be organized every year. So, better to make plan for making our Indonesia getting more advanced in other nation’s eyes. Or visiting museum to remember what our hero did.
And last for my beloved sister, congratulation for your graduation ceremony. Hope this Red-White image could be such a gift for your day. Congratulation again @nurimnurulimanda… #sister #family
Beranjak sudah tahun demi tahun dengan sendirinya. Bertemu dengan orang baru dan bertukar pikiran, canda dan tawa. Berpisah dengan orang lama dan belajar tentang arti sebuah keikhlasan serta arti penting sebuah pengorbanan.
Dunia tidak mengajarkan kita untuk bisa memiliki segala hal. Seketika ada yang datang, maka harus ada yang pergi. Seketika ada yang baru maka bersiaplah utk mengorbankan sesuatu.
Masalah dan solusi datang silih berganti. Menjejakan pembelajaran, pengalaman dan suri tauladan sebagai bahan instropeksi.
Banyak kenangan dan cerita yang menghiasi dan terkadang menakuti.
Bagaimanapun semua mesti dilalui dan dijalani dgn tenang, ikhlas dan senyum.
Semoga semua mimpi yang telah tertulis bisa digapai satu persatu dan yang paling penting semoga semua ketertinggalan ini bisa dibenahi dan dilalui dengan semangat tinggi.


Yap, so many reasons when the decisions was made. A lot of different reason. To be honest, I sort of made a mess of this other relationship with someone else I was with. Then after that, I realized what an idiot I’d been, but it was too late then. That ship had sailed. It was actually the best thing for me. And the truth is, even if that ship hadn’t sailed, I probably would have found a way to sink it before it left the harbour, anyway.
So then I decide to quit and I swore myself to get a better one which was probably better for me in the long run.
But it was also about just being tired of my life not moving forward, you know? Or at least not moving in the right direction. Going away was about pressing the reset button and starting over.
I’m not who I thought I’d be, and it’s tough for me to take. I’ve become everything that I rallied against for years. Very loudly.
But then I realize. Over the last couple years, when I found that something didn’t work for me,I somehow found a way to fix it. And that made me happy. I am happier now than I’ve ever been. But who cares if I’m not I who thought I was gonna be when I was 25 years old. I have had 20 years of experience to figure out what it is I really need. I’ve got so much left to go. I could even start up my new life again.
I’ve seen a lot of people struggling everyday for the dream he wants. They have been always incredibly committed to making the most of their life. And even when he/she fuck up, they keep going despite any sort of doubts that he/she might have, and keep trying to find the things that work for them.
I felt lost of facing a tought life. Is it tough out there? No doubt. But we all need a job. So, what do you do? Find the thing that you were meant to do. Work your ass off to get it. Never stop believing. Never quit.
In other words, don’t just feel special. Be special.
Caregiving is not just about feeding and clothing and cleaning. It is also about understanding how to navigate a complicated relationship between those who give care and those who are in need of it.
If you find yourself lost, frustrated, confused, you can always come back to this helpful mnemonic device : ALOHA (Ask, Listen, Observe, Help, and Ask again).
The fundamentals of caregiving are to give care but not care too much. If you truly want a lasting career, you’ll need to adhere to the commandments.
“I can not take care of another unless I first take care of myself. My needs are equal to the needs of the person to whom I am giving care.”
It’s difficult. All I can do is truly my best and maintain a positive attitude. Just always remember.Ask, Listen, Observe, Help, and Ask again.
Nothing less nothing more.
Success means you have to move and make it empty! You won’t ever know what you’ll get when you decide to move and dig dipper. But it’s absolutely zero when you choose to do nothing or going back and come to your comfortable chair. So it’s all about possibility. You could possibly earn a gold or even a diamond if you still keep continuing walking. But it must be nothing when you stand still. So, are you gonna leave the chair and make it empty? Decide!
Sukses itu kamu harus bergerak dan mengosongkan kursi yang kamu duduki. Kamu gak bakal tau apa yang akan kamu dapat jika kamu memutuskan utk bergerak dan menggali lebih dalam. Tapi sangat amat pasti tidak akan mendapatkan apapun jika kamu memilih utk tidak bergerak atau malah balik ke belakang dan kembali duduk di singgasanamu. Jadi ini semua tentang peluang. Kamu bisa saja mendapatkan emas atau bahkan permata jika tetap berjalan dan terus berjalan. Tapi pasti gak bakal dapat apa-apa jika hanya berdiam diri disana. Jadi, mau gak kamu ninggalin kursi yang ada disana dan membuatnya kosong? Putuskan skrg!
Selalu terharu dan sekaligus salut melihat perjuangan seorang ibu yang sudah renta tapi masih berjuang untuk anak-anaknya. Senyum yang masih lebar dan tak mau menyerah sekaligus tak mau dikasih hani membuat air mata seakan menetes dalam hati. Sebegitu besarnya rasa sayang seorang ibu pada anaknya agar anaknya bisa sukses di kemudian hari dan tak harus bersusah payah seperti beliau lagi.
Yuk kawan-kawan rezekinya disebar buat beli arem-arem atau gorengan ibu ini. Gak ada salahnya kan buat senyum orang lain 🙂
Can’t deny that I was touched and salute in the same time when seeing an old lady who is still struggling for her children. Her big smile on the face and never give up while selling, makes the tears dripping suddenly. Such enormous compassion from a mother to her child so her son could be successful later in life and not have to bother like her again.
Come on my friends, buy her arem-arem or the fried banana. Nothing to be worried for making someone smile, right?
Now, pay attention, cause I’m about to tell you the secret to life. The whole damn thing is about decision, little seemingly insignificant decisions that clear the road for monster truck life-altering ones.
You see, every path you take leads to another choice, and some choices can change everything. Every damn moment of the rest of your life hangs on them. And boy, do I got a choice I got to make.
There’s no shame in being a broken man. I should know that. I just pick up the pieces and start rebuilding.
Minta waktunya sebentar, karna aku akan memberikan rahasia tentang kehidupan. Semua yang terjadi adalah tentang keputusan, sebuah keputusan kecil yang tampaknya tidak penting yang pada akhirnya membuat truk rakasa dapat mengubah segalanya.
Kamu bisa lihat, setiap keputusan yg kamu ambil akan mengarahkan pada pilihan yang lain, dan beberapa pilihan bisa mengubah segalanya. Setiap momen yang kamu punya bergantung padanya. Dan hey, aku sepertinya akan membuat keputusanku.
Tak ada yg salah dari orang yang sedang putus asa. Seharusnya aku tau hal itu. Hanya tinggal mengambil sisa retakan yang ada dan membangunnya kembali.
Yuk donor! Kita gak bakal pernah tau buat siapa darah ini bisa membantu nyawa seseorang. Coba bayangkan jika yang tertidur lesu di atas ranjang itu adalah dirimu sambil berharap ada bantuan donasi darah dari orang lain. Sebelum itu adalah kamu, yuk bantu yang sedang berbaring disana. Acak saja. Jangan tunggu ada yang butuh baru donasi. Tapi donasi dari sekarang utk siapa saja.
Lupakan 350cc nya! Lupakan jarumnya yang besar! Lupakan rasa sakitnya! Karena secara medis, donor darah adalah sehat. Karna akan membuat sel darahmu yang ada sekarang keluar dan akan digantikan oleh yang baru karna ada proses produksi kembali. Yuk hidup sehat sembari membuat senyum yang lain.
Let’s donate your blood! We never know for whom this blood will help someone’s life. Just imagine if the one who is sleeping helplessly on the bed is you, waiting for blood donations from others. Before it was you, let’s come help your friend who was lying there. Randomly alone! Do not wait until there is someone who need donations . But let’s donate from now for anyone .
Forget the 350cc! Forget the needle were great! Forget the pain! Because medically, blood donation is healthy. Because it will make your last blood cells is out and will be replaced by a new one because there is a process of production back in. Let’s live a healthy life while making others smile.
#donor #darah #blood #donation #yogya #sardjito #help #human
Buatku sukses itu mencari pengalaman bukan cuma kemapanan – Sammy Lumaela (fotografer)
Buatku sukses itu hasil mengejar cinta bukan uang – Denis Gumaray (seniman)
Buatku sukses itu menggerakan lautan manusia bukan roda perusahaan – Kevin Joanardo (DJ)
Buatku sukses itu mewujudkan impian bukan cuma cari jabatan – Adrian Adimara (Sutradara)
Jadikan panggilan jiwamu cerita suksesmu (Let’s Do It)
Still can not believe that each of my friends getting married one by one. One meet another, had a close relationship and decide to get married. Really surprising knowing that she will be married with a doctor who studied in the same school but in the different generation. That is how the God makes us meet so many people in our life. Some left the good lessons while some left the story to be learned. Who knows we will meet the person that is gonna be our partner in the same aisle.
Improtantly to be noted, in this life we cross so many path that the God created perfectly for us. Just believe in your mind that there is no coincident. It must be managed and made by the God so the drama and the story in this big theater of life is so marvellous.
I meet you and we share our stories then walk for a couple of days. Each of us felt comfortable and decide to get a long term relationship which we named married.
Who knows ha?
“We make people fly”
I love to meet people, hear their stories and share our tought each other. Hope I can meet people again and again. Learning how the communicate and bring home something good.
I do love the words “Each dead must look like an accident” in this movie.
And btw I dreamed to have a job which makes me do something but can not be seen or detected. I’ve ever done something worst in my life where I did something that puts all human hand to find out who did that thing. That silly thing I think. And guess what, nobody can figure it out until I tell them the truth. I love playing hide and seek. You are gonna be surprised when you are getting involved in my team. Cause I am gonna blow up your mind with the thing I made. I pretend to be quite and talk less. But when I did something, I will do it seriously but unseen. No matter what it is. Could be a good thing or even a bad one. I am gonna do it slowly and precisely untraceable.
Kegagalan itu akan selalu ada di bidang apapun. Tinggal kita pilih mau gagal dalam melakukan sesuatu yang kita gak suka, atau gagal dalam melakukan hal yang kita cinta.
· Naya Anindita ·
There was a time, I suspect, when men and women could give a fully human response to any situation. When we could be fully absorbed in the world as human beings. But more often, now, people dont get to see the whole situation but only some small part of it. There’s a division of labor, and people carry out small, narrow, specialized jobs, and we can’t act without some kind of direction from on high. I call this “the agentic state”.

The individual yields to authority, and in doing so becomes alienated from his own actions. The agentic state is “store policy”. For example : It’s “I am just doing my job” or “That’s not my job”, or “I dont make the rules”, or “We dont do that here” or “Just following orders” or “It’s the law”.

In the agentic state, the individual defines himself as an instrument carrying out the wishes of others. A soldier, a nurse, an administrator, an actor, a corporate employee, or even academics and artist,

A person has a choice. He or she chooses to become agentic. But once you assume the role, it’s almost impossible to go back. No one can truly know what they might or might not do when presented with the demands of a particular situation. You could say we’re puppets. But I believe that we are puppets with perception, with awareness. Sometimes we can see the strings and perhaps our awareness is the first step in our liberation.

Are we still?
To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.
Selalu ada kata nyaman dan aman dibalik santun dan ramahnya kota pelajar ini. Selalu ada kata “kembali” untuknya.There will be always the words of comfort and safe behind its politely and friendly of educated city. Absolutely there will always the word of “coming back” for it.
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Some people try harder to get noticed while some just leave the shit for the one who just sit.
But never forget to enjoy your own personal life with @starbucksindonesia 🙂
Happy sunday, happy weekend 🙂
Enjoying the me time.
I am sick of flying all the time. I am missing the part of mine who love to dive.
Yes I know that I just felt exhausted and I drink something. I need something new.
I know what I wanna be, I also know what I want to achieve, I do know my speed, acceleration and the finish line which we called dream.
I decide to quit not because I hate the way, the people or the place. But excatly because I l know my passion is not belongs to here anymore. We decide something because we know who we are. We know what is being our passion. If you love what you do, you do the job but if you do what you love, you do your passion. Sorry I am leaving because the dream needs me.
Note : if all people choose to be a painter, then who would buy the paint?
Should I?
“Kamu boleh sukses, jadi org berprestasi, kaya raya dan punya banyak teman. Tapi ingat garis finis kamu itu adalah akhirat. Jangan lupa shalat dan mengaji. Dimana bumi berpijak disitu juga langit dijunjung. Ingat, Allah gak mungkin ninggalin hambanya yg shaleh!” – ayah –
“You may be successful, be a high achiever, wealthy and had many friends . But remember that your finish line is hereafter. Do not forget to pray and read quran. Wherever you are standing on, you gotta be adapt with the people around you. Remember, God may not leave his servant who shaleh!” – dad –
Just finished what you’ve started!
Note : Hey kamu yg besok sabtu wisuda. Selamat yaaa 😃
How can I ever be sad when I know Allah is in complete control of my life. I pray you benefit from those words and I hope it brings you peace and more positivity for you. Allah heals, stay strong to whoever is reading this caption. Aamiin!
“I like the idea, that someone somewhere is made for you forever. And when we finally meet, I hope we both are truly the love of our life and soulmates for each other…”
Note :
Kita yang tentukan, kita yang jalani, dan kita yang nikmati.
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Alhamdulillah masih bisa dikasih kesempatan buat belajar bareng @akberbekasi di kelas kecenya. Gak sia-sia jauh-jauh bertamu ke bekasi buat dapat ilmunya. Makasih @akademiberbagi 🙂
Senang bisa ikut kegiatan volunteer berbagi bikin happy 🙂
Thanks God I still have a chance to learn something with #akberbekasi in their awesome class. So lucky to come again to #Bekasi to earn knowledge. Thank you #akademiberbagi 🙂 Really happy to join this morning voluntary class 😃
Scrum adalah salah satu metode untuk memanage project , berawal dari industri manufaktur metode ini banyak digunakan untuk memanage project mulai dari perusahaan kecil , startup sampai perusahaan besar di bidang Finance seperti Bank. Kemarin malam saya berkesempatan belajar dari Mas Walesa dengan Background Startup di bidang eCommerce dan Teknologi agribisnis. Kita membedah dan membahas pengalaman beliau utk projek limakilo(dot)id dalam memanage Agile Development. Walau masih pemula, tapi saya tertarik mendalaminya utk project management. Makasih ilmunya mas.
Scrum is a method to manage the project , originated from the manufacturing industry this method is widely used to manage projects ranging from small companies , startups to large companies in the field of Finance as Bank.
Last night I had the opportunity to learn from Mas Walesa with Background Startup in the field of eCommerce and Technology agribusiness . We dissect and discuss his experience of project For limakilo ( dot ) id in managing Agile Development.
Although still a beginner , but I am interested in depth For project management . Thanks for the knowledge bro.
#scrum #people #project #management #startup #company #mobility #learner
Akan selalu ada sebuah penolakan ketika kita diminta dan dipaksa untuk keluar dari zona nyaman. Tapi percayalah, dibalik itu semua ada sebuah pembelajaran setelah melewati suatu petualangan dan perjalanan panjang. Begitulah hakikatnya sebuah perpindahan, akan selalu ada yang ditinggalkan dan yang dipertemukan. Ada hal yang terpaksa untuk dibiarkan pergi dan ada juga hal yang harus dipersiapkan untuk dijemput.
Semua ini hanya mengenai kesiapan mental. Wajar kiranya rasa takut itu datang dan menyatu dengan diri kita. Tapi proses tak mungkin pernah berbohong. Dibalik tekanan dan semua pergolakan yang ada, pasti akan ada rasa manis setelah datangnya rasa pahit.
Berhijrahlah agar kau mengerti bahwa cinta bukan hanya mengenai rasa tapi juga pengorbanan.
[ENGLISH]There will always be a refusal when we were asked or forced to get out of our comfortable zone. But trust me, behind it all there is a learning after passing an adventure and a long journey. That’s essentially a transfer, there will always be left behind and were reunited. There are things that are forced to let go and there are also things that must be prepared to be picked up.This was all about mental preparation. Naturally, the fear would come and merge with us. But the process could not have been lying. Behind the pressure and all the upheaval, there will definitely be a sweet taste after the arrival of a bitter taste.

Go and do HIJRAH so that you will understand that love is not just about the taste but also the sacrifice.
Hai, buat kalian yang masih bingung apa itu perminyakan, apa beda antara services company ama oil and gas industry, mungkin kalian bisa kunjungi websiteku di semua diulas dari awal proses masuk, basic skill apa aja yang dibutuhin ampe semua hal detail pun aku share disana. Semoga membantu teman-teman yang tertarik ke dunia perminyakan yaaa.
. .
Hi, for those of you who is still confused about what oil and gas is, what is the different between services company and oil and gas industry, maybe you need to come to my website on
There, everything is being shared from the recruitment, the basic skill you need and every single detail thing I’ve shared there. Hope it could help you my friends who is interested in oil and gas company…
“Jadilah seperti mata air, bila dirimu air yang jernih, maka sekitarmu akan bersih. Tapi bila dirimu kotor, sekitarmu juga ikut kotor”.
If there is something that we can do to make your flight enjoyable, never hesitate to ask.
Time flies so fast. Too many stories has ever made here. The cafe where I and she for the first time met. We chat like a stranger, talk like a new people and it’s also the place where I told her that I really love her.
But love is a love. Sometimes we win the stories and sometimes we miss it and unfortunately we broke it.
Now, I felt better to walk alone. I fell free to sharpen my career and focus on my Management Trainee Program. Hope I can really really find a better girl, a woman who can accept me 100% and compromise any scar and mark I had.
But on the way I am looking for that “someone”, I am gonna change my behaviour, reducing my bad habit, and trying to be a better human.
Cause I do believe, a good man is served for a good woman. Hey you there, wait for my come 🙂 Note : the photo was taken on kolondjono cafe and thank you for the chef who is willing to be shot.
Unicharm Corporation wishes to provide people of all ages, from baby to the elderly, with products to gently support their minds and bodies to free them from burdens and allow them to fulfill their dreams. Including this desire in our corporate philosophy “NOLA & DOLA” (Necessities of Life with Activities & Dreams of Life with Activities), we offer baby and child care products centering on disposable diapers, feminine sanitary goods such as napkins and tampons, urinary care products for senior citizens, cleaning products such as cleaning sheets, wet tissues, health care products such as three-dimensional face masks and pet care products.
#unicharm #mamypoko #charm #lifree
Minal aidin walfaidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin.
Dihari yang suci ini izinkan saya beserta keluarga mengucap maaf atas kesalahan, khilaf, atau luka yang pernah tercurah baik sengaja maupun tidak.
Wajar rasanya jika manusia tercipta dari rasa salah dan nista hingga kurang sempurnalah keadaanya.
Dihari yang indah nan suci ini, marilah kita melakukan refleksi atas semua salah dan mencoba merakitnya kembali hingga menjadi sesuatu yang elok rupanya.
Memulai kembali segala yang ada dan mari kita semua kembali mensucikan diri.Taqaballahu minna wa minkum wa shiyamana wa shiyamakum.
Selamat hari raya idul fitri 1437 H.
Alhamdulillah, touching down the place where I was raised and grown up.
Although it’s just from 2 July until 10, but I hope a lot of things I can discuss with my family before going back to Jakarta for work.
Let’s turn off your phone from any work or job.
It’s not all about where you wanna go, or what plane you are flying with, but it’s about for whom you are going for.
I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
I’ve lost almost 300 games.
26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.
And that’s why I succeed. – Micahel Jordan –
I am getting silent doesn’t mean know nothing. I am being silent doesn’t mean no care.
But silent means everything, listening, watching, learning, and gathering all information I need to build my perspective or angle of idea. So I can decide something carefully. So, I am getting silent not because I dont wanna speak, I am learning tough.
Yap, people watching. It gives you a mix of emotions, to watch some people doing their stuffs, to get a glimpse of their lives. I am listening then I am learning.
Photo is taken at Real ION English Center.
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1437H.
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.
I tend to over think so many things, particularly on the rejections. There was time where I couldn’t take it lightly and tought it would have been different if I did A, B, C. But then, I realize that everything has been planned, and everything is it is for a reason. Every rejection opens a new door, a new opportunity, a story which would be different if things were not like what they’re supposed to be. So, I am just grateful for whatever I have now.
Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night, saying we have done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me. – Steve Jobs –
We Are The Champion Strategy]
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It’s not the first time I am so happy seeing the comment from my viewer or my reader. Yap, I have the same vission with mr @billyboenyot to “SHARE MORE”. And until now I always share my experience, my knwoledge, my thought and everything I can give to you all in my blog. Because I believe in one thing : the thing that you think unimportant could be something that anybody else want to have or achieve. You won’t ever believed that somebody is really want to have it but you just throw it or keep it behind the pillow. “Kamu gk bakal tau apa yg kamu anggap biasa adalah sesuatu yang sangat diidam-idamkan oleh orang lain”So, let’s start to share!
Just stay calm cause the God is always be there beside you. No matter how hard the problem you face, just tackle them and show them that you are smarter, stronger and harder than them. Just show it and stay calm. Smile 😃
For those who knows me more, he won’t be surprised with my ambitious thing. I will try one, two, three and more just to earn something that I really want.
I am gonna try harder than any body else to achieve something I want. You will find me as a “push man”. Always push and push harder to get something I dreamed.
When I want something, nothing can limit me or refuse me or resist me.
Just see what I am gonna do when I getting refused. I am coming back tomorrow morning just to make sure it’s been done. If it’s still failed, never get bored with me to come back.
Let me introduce myself first for a little bit moment. So, I was being graduated in November 2014 without any graduation certificate from UGM on my hand at that time. I was being recruited by a services oil and gas company located in Balikpapan, Halliburton. Then working for about 2 months, I feel uncomfortable then I decide to quit. Back to Jogjakarta, I was learning web programming and design for at least 6 months if I am not wrong. Then my little sister graduated on December 2015. In the same time, I decide to take my graduation certificate on that date. I dont know why I suddenly think about that. Hopefully 2 Awesome Fast Moving Consumer Goods wanted to hire me, Mondelez and Unicharm. Then I took the second one until now.The key point is, I could work for an International company without any certificate on my hand. Just an SKL (Surat Keterangan Lulus). What makes that company wanted to hire me not because that paper but the story I’ve ever passed. Because my Curriculum Vitae attracted their eyes to know me more. How I behave and how I interact at interview is watched all over the time.My learning key for you guys, habit is the thing takes time. It needs process to build it. So, start now to dream what you wanna be, then plan it on the piece of paper. Write it with fully hearted. Then do the action as an implementation of what you’ve written. Then in the journey achieving your dream, your attitudes and the way you act will build your character. The character itself was made by the habit.

Just remember, with the GREAT power comes a GREAT responsibility.

#graduation #universitas #gadjah #mada #UGM #work #yogyakarta #certificate #habit #character
Now you see me… #friends #work #partner #sister


If you want to strecth up your effort a little bit more, you will go further and being limitless.

If you didnt try any further breakthrough and hit
the wall infront, you wont face your dream. If you are being regreted by the one who you admire of, it’s normal because he is a super person. But if you get a welcome hug, it’s your chance to go further. So just try and try. Never be afraid to taste it. Cause you will know how sweet it is after you put it in your mouth.

Think positively and always remember that a successful young man through the hardest path journey quite a lot.

Shared by @marulitampubolon777 in #playmediatalk event at Binus International School FX Sudirman 6th floor.
So here we are SUMO (Support Mozilla).
We help everybody like a hero. Hero is the one who sicerely help people without any mask puts on or suit to wear. Yap, we are hero. We helps you to know Mozilla more.
#sumo #mozilla #indonesia #support #internet #volunteer #hero #firefox
No matter what people say about blacky swimmer, I am still gonna jump.Yes, just JUMP!
#diving #swimming #push #the #boundary #just #jump
Flashing back to a couple years ago. I reflect to myself really deep. Not because I can not sleep tonight, but also monday we all will face the holy month Ramadhan. So I decide to reflect to what i’ve done back a couple years ago.
Honestly I am not purely a good person and also not a bad boy either. I’ve seen so many things in this world, I’ve touched so many skins, and I’ve tasted so many sugar. Let’s say I am a 50-50 kids. I play so many drama and I changed my mask and hat whenever I want. I really love to play hide and seek and I am such a good talented stalker btw.
I walked a lot to many cities in Indonesia. I was born in Padang, raised in a small city in riau, duri. And after graduation of high school I continue my study to Universitas Gadjah Mada Jogjakarta. Believe it or not, before I officially held my graduation certificate, I was being hired by an International Oil and Gas Services Company located in Balikpapan, Halliburton. I took that chance! Running for about 2 months I am not feeling so comfortable with the job I did then I dicide to walk out. I am not being released just because the oil and gas prices getting declined at that time. I dicide to resigned because I wanna achieve something that is really my passion. Not just earning a lot of money. Oh man, dont ask me about how much money from the scholarship I still saved. So money it’s not really my priority. Until now, money still can not buy my happiness. Going back to Yogyakarta, I learn programming and designing website. I am programmer tough! Then there’s still something missing from me and I decide to apply for FMCG Company. Mondelez and Unicharm give me chance and I took the second one. So until now, I am happy to work with this Japan company.Owh btw talking about dedication, I appreciate with the decision of every person who choose to be a bitch, DJ, bartenders, or any other job that some of you blame of. For me, it’s the way they choose and we all have to appreciate with what they’ve taken. They all dedicate them self to perform infront and share the happiness to anybody who is looking for it. They come and be like that for a REASON. They dedicate their life for it!
How lucky to meet Mr. Dono in BINUS Business School in event named CEO Speaks on Leadership with MRT JAKARTA. The Speaker was Dono Boestami – President Director of PT MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Jakarta.
For your information, I will summarize the biography of this awesome guy. Check him out.Dono Boestami, an Indonesian citizen, aged 53 years, was born in Surabaya, January 13, 1963, and lives in Jakarta. He has a wealth of experience in the financial and capital markets. He completed his studies with the help of scholarships for international students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, United States, and earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (1985). He chosed to plunge into the world of banking and securities after earning a Master of Science in Project & Construction Management from Golden Gate University, USA (1989). Several companies have entrusted him a position on the Board of Directors. He most recently served as Director of Investment Banking at PT Danareksa (Persero) (2001); President Director of PT Citigroup Securities Indonesia (2004); Director of Barclays Capital Securities Indonesia (2006); Finance Director of PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk (2011), and the Finance Director of PT Atlas Resources Tbk (2012). In addition, he also has experience as a member of the Listing Committee of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) (2008- 2011). Dono Boestami has been the Director of PT MRT Jakarta, since March 22, 2013 until now.Do you know guys how much money we spend for the traffic nowdays? It’s 65 billion a year for thr economic loss. MRT comes up with the idea to reduce this loss and government accept this brilliant idea. Not only for the economic loss but reducing 80% of air population from motor which contribute this gas. Although this idea is not coming for highly profit but government see the future of integrated network. And you know what, it would be the first Metro system in the world besides for the idea of creating Information Building.
Those guys who work for this project purely come for the better jakarta.

And why do we not support @mrt_jakarta?
Every single persons on earth had choices and plans for their own lifes. Each of us had preferred way to take, privilege to take a new path. Cause we know our self more than anybody else. And deciding is the best way for building our next home, our next future. No matter whom will be getting out or take an option for standing still, it belongs to the person itself and the plan that he/she has made before.
For you all guys and sisters, thanks for still keeping in touch until now. Just remember that we had ever had the same starting line and story we’ve ever made. Success for your career or the business you’re running in.
#management #trainee #unicharm
Facebook, CINTA Indonesia and Affinis Labs invite anybody to participate in a fun, exciting event and choose the winner of the Beda Tapi Satu hackathon!The event is free, open to the public, and dinner and entertainment is provided. What a good good for everyone cause it’s free too.
Beda Tapi Satu is a hackathon in Jakarta sponsored by Facebook taking place between May 31-June 2 to promote and celebrate Indonesian diversity and values of tolerance.
Over two days, teams of will compete in a fast paced race-against-the-clock to create new digital platforms and tools that will promote the strength of Indonesia’s diversity and promote peace. The winning team will receive funding and support to turn its idea into a reality for millions of people.The teams will present their ideas to everyone who watch like I am doing right now, a live audience, at the Conclave on June 2.

I and everyone here watch the final presentations and cast the vote for our favorite team, along with a global audience that will be watching and voting via the Internet.
I am so happy with smart boys and young girls whom comes up with their brilliant idea and solution for the problem we all faced.

Let’s fight the problem with solution not just being a stand still man.

#hackathon #hackathonglobo2016 #hackathon2016 #innovation #creative #young #team #facebook #organization #group #team #cinta #indonesia #affinislabs
No caption’s needed.
[The Miss]
So tonight, we got the night 🙂 #sahabat #partnerincrime #movies #sister
Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because they are passionate about something and want to become a solution to a problem they found.SILLY guy is the man who do something based on what parents want him to be. In contrary, a GREAT man know his passion and has already known what to do. Then bravely find the support from his family. Showing his argument so the support will come easily. Finally you will express the effort and fully hearted work. You won’t blame your parents for the mistakes you made or the failure that earned later.Today, I get a touring for Sampoerna University in their Grand Opening. For a good approach, they ask Billy Boen for sharing “Aspiring Entrepreneurs”. Mr @billyboenyot see that education in Indonesia only focus for curriculum not for confidence development.

And to be honored I know from Sampoerna that today is the world with disruptive innovation. What is it? It’s an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network. Displacing established market and alliances.

From me, for those of you guys who is already graduated from Senior High School, it’s really important that you had to follow your passion in choosing major (University) rather than following the trend, your friends, parents not your teacher.

Mr. Billy is just shared his inspiration but motivation is purely come from your heart.
Conducted in Ciputra GEPI Incubator, DBS tower 9th floor, Digital Marketing for online business growth class was started. But btw, the sclupture in front of office is so attractive. There is the message that it brings to us who want to learn it more. But you have your own angle guys, so i will appreciate it. Hehhe.
And tonight I learn a lot about how meta tag is not the only one that make your online business getting high traffic and transform into money. So much education I get tonight and I am falling in love with the security of BSD office tower. Waw… it’s amazing hehehehAnd I am such amazed with those of people who struggle in his life and he become success now. And then he share the way and some tricky way to student, to friends and people. To be honest, I really make him as my mentor not just a teacher. You are awesome guys.
And for you guys, if you have knowledge and something good, share it.
Good leader is the one who create another leader. He never afraid to be kicked by his smart student. But he will be proud if his student is smarter than him.
So, share, share and share…
I know akademi berbagi since I was in college. They are spread all around Indonesia. So if you were in pekanbaru, you will find Akber Pekanbaru, ect.
The founder, @ainunchomsun share her vision to this community by telling her will to spread education and knowledge free. Not charge to attend @akademiberbagi class so you are easily to come to any classess they made. And today is the birthday of @akberbekasi. When I was studying in UGM, I always try to involved myself in any class that @akberjogja had. So I basically never limited myself to any kind of knowledge. I absorb everything, anything. I learn about public speaking, brand development, writting class, english training, oil and gas exploration and anything else. Because I do believe that I never know what knowledge would help me in the next day, in the future. Our brain needs knowledge and we should feed it anytime.
Today, I attend their class talking about “Community Management”. I know now that althought we had a brand in our shoulder, but it doesn’t mean that we had a big power to control the community. We approched them by listineing to their needs and then we could get the data from them to analyze and research is the next step to do. In Indonesia, research, approachment and engagement should be done online and offline. This is so unique because it doesnt happened in any other country. After we had a community in social media, most of us will conduct a real meeting (red : kopdar) in cafe or restaurant. So, we as a community manager should do double approach to analize their need and behaviour. Because sometimes there is the thing that can not be told verbally and we should analyze it. Approach their leader because he is the one who can influence them. So there is a lot of thing you should learn before jumping as a community manager. But learning by doing is the best way I think. Once you failed, you’ll learn something. But first of all, join the community or attend their program so you could had a wider network.
Find your community and spread the vision to others.
A few days ago, my friend, Fao was dead in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta swimming pool. He was diving at that time. Dont know really well about the reason why he’s dead, but the people just found his body floating on the surface. That news make me afraid to swim for about 4 weeks. I just dont know why I am afraid to see the pool. But body never lies. Seems like there is a call that pull me back to the pool. And today I push myself to swim and I get 10 sets this morning. But to be honest, I am still afraid to jump into 7 depth pool. I am still afraid. I dont wanna die like him althought we all are gonna die sooner or later. Maybe I am just a little bit nervous. But dont worry, it wont be happened next saturday. I will push myself to try and dive like usual.
I am not afraid!
Really excited to see young people could lead the company or being a CEO in his own startsup. It’s milleneal time to lead my friends…
We are smart, energic, young and have a lot of power plus idea to comes up. For those of you who is running your own business, I appreciate the effort, the will and the passion you have. Nowadays, we are really familiar with the term of “start up”. Just for you to remember my friends, startup is coming for solving problem not to earning a lot of revenue. So come with your big heart to solve the problem not to gain a lot of money.And luckily for you who are still sitting in the chair of university. You have a lot of opportunity to make your small project become reality. You are so close with the funding partner like professor who has a wide network.
I really know that the biggest wall that push you back to do nothing. Yap! Fund raising. You are limited by the mindset of “where would I get the money to run my business?”
And here some point for you to note.
Fund raising during college? Why note?
1. If you are smart, find scholarship! Save that money for your business.
2. Compete and Prize from business case competition
3. Join the Business incubation center in respective campus
4. Sell your unused stuff online
5. Do the part time job if you are able to manage your time
So, get out, come out and show it OUT!!!
His name is Jonathan Fritzler and He is the founder of Education Energy Consulting and author of “Hack Your Education”. He thinks that nowdays, Students spent hours on school projects that often are thrown away after being graded by the professor! “Education Energy” (e²) is the work students do in school, and it is a valuable resource when students have a strategy to harness it! That is why he created the Education Energy. He travel to cities around the world to empower students and businesses to utilize education in innovative and meaningful ways.
Really lucky to have a chance attending the workshop on Pasific Place Mall in the room named America. So for him, there will always a chance to give contribution for society and environtment while earning profit. That component will build that social entrepreneur itself. If you have a project on school and you think it’s your best masterpiece, it’s a big YES for you to come in front of your teacher or professor and have a deep talk. Tell him that you want to take a deep research about the project you are working on. Ask them to support you and donate if it’s necessary. But the first thing you gotta do is tell him about your will, about the idea you will expand. Just tell him and your friends. You will never know the people who have the same vision or mission with you if you never share it.
As like as jonathan say in his 2 hours workshop, your project is just gonna be a rubish after being marked. Make it bigger by telling and asking anybody, make a fanpage to share your ideas wider, and find investor to fund your ideas.
Just be brave to take action. God will do the rest tough.
For me, there is absolutely a big WRONG on our education system. All students and all kid was tought to be a worker or a teacher. But not to be a leader. Do you think so guys? In other country, the students was being thought to dream BIG, to be something who contribute for this world. It seems like a strange thing when we were asking to our children. All parents want (red : ask) his kid to be a pilot, a painter or a doctor. But why they didn’t persue his children to be the next obama, or the next alber einsten who contribute so much. Why?
So last night I get an inspiring story from 2 pengajar muda. They had choosen the crazy way to teach people and students in a remote area. They live and get in touch with them. They are not only teacher for math, english ect, but most of all, they build people and kids to become mature and had a good behaviour. Really appreciate what they’ve done and I do want to join this program. But honestly I still have a contract with the company I work for. Maybe I will attend their classes so I still can keep updated with the progress they did. “Mengajar setahun, menginspirasi seumur hidup”
The only one who had a will to survive and get out from comfortable zone is the one who deserve to be a winner. The one who try harder and keep learning to break the big wall that limits his ability and talent. Winner never lie!Hanya dia yang berkeinginan utk terus tetap bertahan dan mau keluar dari zona nyamannya lah yang pantas dianggap sebagai seorang pemenang. Dia yang selalu berusaha sekeras-kerasnya dan tetap belajar menghancurkan dinding besar yang membatasi kemampuan dan talenta nya. Pemenang tak pernah bohong!
Note : Photo was taken in Seaworld Indonesia
Some speakers are so amazing.
Ridzki Kramadibrata (Managing Director Grab Indonesia), Herianto Pribadi (Skha Consulting), Marshall Pribadi (CEO PrivyID), Dian Noeh Abubakar (CEO Kennedy Voice Berlinner). But the one that attract me most is Mr @handrysatriago
Handry graduated as a Biotechnology Engineer from Bogor Agriculture University in 1993 and got his Master Degree in International Business from IPMI and MBA from Monash University in 1997.
Handry also hold PhD Degree in Strategic Management from Universitas Indonesia.
He joined GE in 1997 after couple years worked for local company in Indonesia. He has several roles in several area of business development, sales, and quality for several GE business. Handry loves education and volunteerism activities. He spends his spare time visiting universities and sharing experiences with students and become advisory member for several university in Indonesia.Now he is a CEO for General Electric Indonesia.I love the idea from PrivyID to simplify the repeat process using one ID. I do wanna have a later conversation with him.

Are you ready for MEA (Masyarakar Ekonomi Asia)?
What a good conversation, talkshow and knowledge sharing today. We are discussing about brand. Yap, the things that makes starbucks is much different than any other cup of coffee.
Brand shows what your bussiness is, what your bussiness want to achieve, how to make your bussiness getting known by people. Brand is like a promise to your costumer and shows what they wish from your product or services you offer, and differ your company from others. Brand is more than a logo, color, website, or packaging. Branding is a strategy to communicate and tell the message for your bussiness. To be honest, I am so lucky to meet them and get a deep conversation face to face. I will introduce them here. Joseph Eko, CMO Papilon Media Kreasi and Credens, an Arek Surabaya who is so enthusiastic with brand and marketing, a food lover, watch freak, and traveller by heart. He is a Chief Marketing Officer in Papillon Group who lead Popular Magazine and advisor plus a co-Founder from Credens, a strategic brand. Joseph also had a mini online cake shop named Lareia Cake & Co. Ivan Aribowo, Founder of VOYEJ, Leather Goods.
The last one is Mrs. Diana Lim, Consumer Engagement and Digital Activation Lead (Branding Representative) from Microsoft Indonesia. I recently discussed about the effectiveness of TVC and its short term sales plan. And also the most valuable tool to win the market competition. What gun should we handle to make the brand getting mature.
What a pity for me didn’t get a lot of my business card. Tomorrow I will meet Handry Satriago, Vice President of General Electric Indonesia. I am not gonna miss the moment to talk and chit chat with him. Can not wait to see 4 others speaker tomorrow morning 🙂 Note : I am falling in love with Microsoft Indonesia Office. It’s so comfy and lovable. I am gonna be there next time.
Do you know the speed of our earth spinning? If we take 40.073,83 km as its radius, and 24 hours as the time it takes to spins perfectly, so our earth rotate in 1.669,97 km an hour every day. It’s so fast, isn’t?
And fortunately the earth is still rotate in his own direction. The sun still comes up from east right? What would be happened if the earth stop instantly and changes its direction? The sun comes up from the west. And that’s what we call Kiamat. From 1.669 km/hour it goes into 0 and spin in another direction then. What do you think would be happened? The mountain will be blow up and the earth is shaking impulsively.
Are you ready for that moment? Have you prepared yourself to face that day? Let’s see!
So tonight, after working hours, i decide to come to UPH Magister Manajemen Program. Starting from 7.30pm until 9.30pm, the seminar talking about branding in E-Commerce Industry with GO-JEK & Choky Sitohang. Taking place at Plaza Semanggi 3rd floor, the class is all about brand image, brand identity, brand development and brand extension. I am just too curious about how the brand was made, was developed and empowered. The presentation is free, lunch is free and the certificate is free. I just want to know more about brand. I invest my time for this tough.
No matter what my company think about mind share, or in what number they put it on their list, but the need for improving the mind share is really urgent. Just like and IPhone and other platform. The market share of Iphone is less than 47% but you wont believe that they enjoy 74% of the money that is earned from phone market selling. And I am a little bit amazed with the story of google that the speaker shows us.I am not gonna share and discuss about how coca cola, nike and starbuck build his brand here. Cause it will be a lot of text then.If you are thinking about the money you’ll earn, you are just gonna focus on the market share, but if you think more about value, you will grow up your brand. Just think twice for what lion you wanna feed ha?

Oh man, too many thing I wanna tell you but it would be better if I post it later on my web. Just wait.
Today I attend public speaking class at Kedutaan Besar Bekasi. In the first time I see the announcement about this event, I thought that the class would be conducted in government building. But actually it was the name of a cafe. Hahaha.To make a quick summary, I just want to share some points about public speaking which was shared by @theodorusdaniel (news anchor in a local TV Program)3 things that should be noted for having a good public speaker is skill, knowledge and attitude.
The real urgent thing should be known is when you are being chosen to speak up in front of everybody, you have to keep in mind who will be your audience, what background they have, and prepare the thing you wanna share. Google can answer anything, can’t it?
And last, never underestimate with the word of “First Impression”. You just get one chance to have a good first impression. So, prepare yourself and show the best you have.

For you who have a will to read full completely summary about this class, please never hesitate to check my post about #akberbks46 in my website >> ** berbagi bikin happy **
After for about two weeks didn’t get any exercise because of working activity, I decide to start it again. No matter I slept at 1 am in this morning and wake up at 7, I push my self to swim. And this morning is so beautiful. The cloud, the sun and the blue of water getting combined perfectly. So I get my phone out to capture this nice moment.
Another reason why I really “should” swim this sunday because I would probably attend the meeting at Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia next saturday. And I am not gonna miss any luxurious chance for swimming today. Such a hundreds of call that always pull me into the pool all the time. Hahaha.
Happy sunday and happy morning all.
We appreciate your cooperation NOT to bring food or beverage from outside. – MAXX COFFEE –
My real current mood right now.
Just be quiet and try to listen. Be patient for friends who keep talking and never want to do introspection.
I am fucking tired to deal with those people like that. I am gonna be calm and say nothing. My time is so damn expensive to be wasted bro.
There will always be an uncertainty when we step up for having a new place or facing a new change. Sometimes we are panic and don’t know what we had to do. Actually, it’s normal and all we gotta do is deal with it and be friendly with them. Learning process is all about time. It takes time indeed. So, be patient cause the one who tenacious is the one who’ll win.Akan selalu ada rasa tidak yakin ketika kita masuk ke dalam lingkungan yg baru atau ketika menghadapi suatu perubahan. Kadang kita panik seketika dan tak tahu harus bagaimana. Nyatanya itu adalah hal yg normal dan yg penting kita lakukan adalah menghadapi perubahan tersebut dan bertemanlah dengannya. Karna proses belajar adalah masalah waktu. Butuh waktu lebih tepatnya. Jadi, bersabarlah karna yang kuat bertahan adalah yang akan menang.
– Almarhum Affandi –
You wake up every morning to fight the same demons tha left you so tired the night before, and that, my love, is bravery.
If something is destined for you, never in million years it will be for somebody else.
Jika sesuatu ditakdirkan utk mu, tak kan pernah itu menjadi hak orang lain.
Last day, I attend Young On Top Academy in Lazada office.
Mr. Henry Pradipta, Head of Principal Management of Garuda Food, told us much about Leading to the next level. I learnt a lot from you sir about how to handle and get connected to other people with different generation. So therefore we have to be relevant in dealing with 5 generations (traditionalist, boomers, Gen X, Millenial, and Gen 2020). As a young boy, we need to know how to speak in the “same language” to the man whose age is so far with us. Leading is not all about position but contribution. Three point that was mentioned in that sessions are Dealing with change, Being Relevant, and Being Excellent.Two quotes I really like was said at that time. “We called a man “crazy/stupid” if he always hope for something new but doing something same everyday” – Einstein “The secret of CHANGE is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old. But on building the new”
So, let’s dealing with CHANGE!
Maybe I am just too tired of the drama You make.
For those who hasn’t known about this art, better for you to know it first. So WPAP stands for Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait. WPAP was invented by Wedha Abdul Rashid. He worked as an illustrator in printed media since 1970’s to the present. Wedha was a veteran illustrator in a big and well-known magazine, O Magazine.
So, as to perpetuate his name, the name of this art is called WPAP.
Like a wpap of my own, I wanna colourize my life. Jump into the fire hole to know how strong I am inside, dive deeper than usual to look for much treasure, and fly as high as I can so I can find the real beauty of this world.
We live once, just enjoy it!
Lately I’ve been reading a book titled “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Or in Indonesia, it means “Jangan membuat masalah kecil jadi masalah besar”.
In every problem I face, I usually make up my mind not to push or think them too much. Some people will see me as a man without a problem cause I always show them the smile. But honestly I am the type of a “steadiness man”. I know what I had to do and I know what is gonna be. So that’s the reason why I look like a man with a big smile on the face. I used to take silent and listen to around. I hear and note what they said.
I love to be a silent reader. Because it guarantee me safety. Like a sniper that hiding on the top of a hill. He look generally and shot the enemy on the head when the time is coming. I am invisible, unpredictable, untouchable and unseen. Of course I love to be like that. I let the people see me in the way they want. I am not gonna show them the real me or the true me. Because you have to pay a lot for that. It doesn’t mean that I am not an open man or an introvert guy. I just like to be an artist on the the stage of theatre. Playing more than one character so nobody knows the real mask of him.
I love to be silent cause it makes me more resilient.
For the name of love, this word is the worst to know. Yap, I know how it feel btw. But for me, it’s closely same like a leveling up. You gotta know your limit if you try harder to break your boundary. Just try to push it and push it again. If you can get the number of 5, next weekend you have to catch 10, and the next after that, try to get 15 and earn 20 for the next then. So, if you want to step up, you have to be brave to challenge your self. Try to confice your self, your heart and also your mind that you can get more than now.
Personally, I really love this word. And I do enjoy living in the society which makes me much better than today.
If you thought that you deserve to get more, why do have to live like this.
In the name of “work life balance”
WORK hard, PLAY harder, DIVE hardest!
You are better without glasses.
#latepost #workpartner #teman #sohib #brosis #brother #sister
Life is like a roadway with full of choice. The owner of this restaurant, waroeng SS, had chosen his path of life to grow his bussinees across Indonesia. And it’s actually succeed. This restaurant has grown up and wide in Indonesia. Innovation and the patience of him makes this bussiness achieve its goal. Today I should have attended the career workshop from @renecc and @yorissebastian if I didn’t forget the exact place where the event was conducted. But unfortanetly, i miss that moment. Maybe God had another plan for me. To make my mood up, I eat a lot on the place I admire. I chose Waroeng SS to remind me for the past I pass and the story I’ve ever made. Oh man, whilr I am eating, those moment come across my mind like wanna say hello and pull me back to that story. But past is a past. Let them be a past. We still have someone or two to chat though. So, let’s enjoy the food on the table from Mr Yoyok as an owner of this waroeng.
Note : Mr Yoyok is a bachelor of chemical engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada. He started his own bussiness like from zero until this resto become sporadis until now.
To be still alive is a must but to be healthy is a choice.
Once you’re getting down or falling, all you gotta do is just believe that there will always somebody who will give a helping hand. Not to show you that he or she is much better than you or judging you that you are the weakest creature in the world. But actually they really want you to wake up and be stronger so once they are going away for a reason, they will happily leave you cause you can stand on your feet alone. They teach you and give you direction because they want you to be a better human. The better man who can grow up and won’t be denied by other people. They will be the friends who hug you when you’re upset and they will also poke you when you’re going to do mistakes. So, learning is not all about what you get or what you earn. It’s all about process that make you more mature. It’s also about how you solve the problem and stay tune to think positively. Remember… you have been part of them so you have to follow the rule, let the flow teach you so you could be their family completely.
A couple days a go, with a lot of stuff and homework to do from my manager, I spend my quite little time to attend the voluntary activity. Honestly it really needs much power to wake up in the morning, in the middle of weekend and in the time you won’t go away from your bed. But the power I’ve earned and the patience I held while stuggling on the road, It’s paid so much at the end. So many drama on the road on my way to go there btw. Head direction of CNN and my old friends who has been media social supervisor of CNN Indonesia was awesome. They both share about how printed media has been changed in to another form which is popularly known as media social. Just call it facebook, twitter, path or instagram you open right now. Realize it or not, it hide a big power in it if you know.
And if you see how the media share the news is so different nowdays. If you always read newspaper every morning, you will find the long form of news but if you read it in, you will find one news is divided into some short form.
It’s made for a reason my friends. The short form will make you involve in the long journey. You will try to keep update of the news you read. So you won’t try to miss it ha?
Realize or not realize, the world has changed. Today, everybody is connected by the phone they held. Information could be shared so fast. In the other hand, you as a person who join in this club, should be careful of the impact that the change bring. Stay aware with the words you send on twitter, facebook or path. Cause every words or image which has been uploaded in the internet, will stay long in it. Although you tried so hard to delete it. It will not be deleted permanently.
And for the last, I suggest you to fulfill your weekend with a benefit activity such as joining voluntary organization. It is not just make you meet new people or get new information, but it also build your skill of communication and it also can minimize your stress while working on weekdays.
Happy thursday happy working guys 😃
Cause coffee never lie 😃
“Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share”
Got a quick snap on a little hard working. Hay fellas I am too tired to write long caption. Still having daily report to do ha? Fighting!
My girl is the most beautiful one in my life. But it’s not the first priority that makes her being choosen from hundred of girls who come to me.
As a young boy who currently start his new career in an International company, the spirit and enthusiasm is still on fire. The desire to do the job is still on the maximum level.
And he must need someone who really know him, can accept him for almost 100%, and being able to compromise his weekness.
And for you, @nisahsna, I thought that I really fit to you 😃
Some people can see all your mistakes. The way you hold it in your shoulders. Show it in your face. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and they were my mistakes. Nobody else’s. They’re mine.When you get older, all those mistakes start piling up inside you. Just a pile of mistakes. Regrets, blame. It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach. Secrets make me feel like that. I got many secrets.Problem is, there are certain things that I just can’t change about myself. I promised to myself I wouldn’t run cause I can’t run anymore. I see myself as a person that I’m supposed to be. A good person, the kind of person that I deserve. I just don’t have the courage to be that person, I don’t have the courage to change.

It’s okay. It’s not gonna end well btw. I’d imagine it’d be beautiful. Surrounded by happy story as far as the eye can see. My other mistakes is too many caption I attach in my instagram like the one you read now. So forgive me about that because this is me you have to know.

Getting close to the end of 2015, I just want to thank everyone whom I can not mention one by one. Really nice to know you guys and I hope to meet you in another time. And last, I am terribly sorry for some mistakes I’ve ever made. As a normal human, I used to make a lot of mistakes. And I hope you guys can accept me 100%. Oh God, I still can not believe I’ve passed your 365 days you’ve given to us. I even can not be so brave to open my laptop and see this year resolution. I am quite sure some point has been missed and got unchecked. But no problem, if there’s unchecked, there’s also checked list. A lot of thing has to be rewriten to the next year resolution. Hope all of those list I’ve made can be earned completely. Amin.

Happy new year everyone 😃
Once upon a time, there was a little boy. You wouldn’t describe him as a particularly special little boy. He was neither tall nor handsome, charismatic or amusing. In fact, he appeared to be exceedingly dull. Because of this boy’s apparent shortcomings he was bullied mercilessly and relentlessly by the other children. Year merged with miserable year as life continued to be a living hell. But what the other boys didn’t understand about their victim was that he didn’t see them as enemies. He saw them as instruments of learning. A priceless lesson was gleaned from his tormentors.
This young immature kid believe that a man has only two “masters” in this world. And their names are pain and fear. The boy found he had quite a talent for eliciting these feelings in others. So on the principle of playing to your strengths he decided to make their cultivation his life’s work. Fortunately for this boy history gave him an unprecedented opportunity. “A miracle of faith”. The canvas on which he would produce his greatest work.Rumor has it that years after that, he had already got a full scholarship from an International company for about 3 years, had been an author for a national confrence conducted in his university, being the best volunter in the International Leaders Festival, being choosen to get a deluxe Leadership training from a best FMCG company in Indonesia, built and programmed his own personal website using a complicated language program, and etc.What makes him different is that he’s never afraid to try something he never touched. Cause he basically has a blank check to explore any field he wants.

The thing is that if you have a dream, why don’t you try to catch it. Why do you have to wait till the dream is coming. Run for it and grab it. So you can show it to the world that you are not a little pity kid anymore.
Hi.. Do you know how much I miss you.
I am so sorry if I can not inform you all the time like I did before. I can not imagine that I will struggle to study something purely new here. I never believe that I am gonna face harder situation later on in the field. But btw thanks for your full time support to me. Thanks for the patience you lie on your heart. I am so sooo lucky to have you beside me until now. Not like the other girl I’ve met before, you are stronger than them in compromising my childist behaviour.
I didn’t mean to put yourself as comparison but that’s actually what I feel right now. Please dont think about that too much. I just want to share the feeling I can not keep by myself.
I also want to apologize for the act that makes you a little bit tied such as protecting you so tight and so jealous when you sit with other guy. I don’t wanna limit your freedom but I just want you to be more careful and keep the trust I give.
I know and we know actually, Long Distance Relationship is the hardest kind of love everyone have. Cause each of us has to hang on the trust we share together.
If I sometimes forget or get out from the track for about an inch, please grab my hand so I can come to you to hug you.
Oh man, i really miss the moment we walk together. Please wait for my return cause I am really into you. I can not find someone who can make me more comfort as like as you did when I am sitting beside you 🙂 #mantan
His name is Yoris Sebastian Nisiho @yorissebastian ,the author of the book I read this morning with a glass of warm coffee. I love the way how he write the story and the way he share the words in his particular way. Really free and strike to the main poin. He knows what readers confuse on and he bring solution on the neat path. I suggest you to buy and read this book. There are two version. English and Indonesian version. It’s up to you which one you wanna buy. But I personally like the english version. Not only simple but I also want to train my english reading skill.
He believe and I also now believe that being creative is not a fate or the destiny someone earn. It’s actually an exercise and a hard training. Everybody can be creative and more innovative. If you can not find something new, you’re gonna die sooner or later. “Oh My Goodness: Buku Pintar Seorang Creative Junkies”
Just call the man with the white helmet Eka Andensben. He is the talented man in rigging and Slinging courses. What makes him special for me not only because he had come to my live and share his knowledge to me and my friends. He’d ever worked for many companies and jump in some places. He absorbed any knowledge he could possibly earn and after he is officially being an old retirement guy, he decided to travel around the world to share the knowledge to everybody. He found his purpose in life, teaching and sharing. And althought he sometimes got an offer to join in a small company for working, he suddenly refused it. You know why? Because he had already found what being his passion. Now, his job is so enjoyable. Traveling to some countries, having a good luxury hotel to sleep and enjoying delicious food from the company that hired him to teach. So, before you are so late in finding the passion like him, why dont you dig a little bit deeper in your heart and brain. Ask your self what you like and what you enjoy the most. Then finally it could be an answer for the purpose of your life.
Alhamdulillah. Actually it’s not the first time someone from no where say hello and start conversation with me. I am smilling looking and reading the curiosity they share. I am so happy knowing that something I share is the thing they really need. My dad had told me like this “You’ll never know the thing you think unimportant could be an unbelievable experience if they had”Yap, I believe every single inch of thing is made or given by God on purpose. So, now you dont have a reason not to share the experience to your friends, to your collega, or unknown person around the world.And I am so happy too when my phone rang and she/he said “Thanks mas wantook for guiding me in the complicated process I honestly can’t pass without you. Thanks for always giving me support every time I can not handle a difficult problem. And now I am officially recruited. Big thanks for you mas”

She thanked me and I thanked God 🙂
It’s normal if you are not familiar with Mondelez. But i am so sure you are well known with cadburry, oreo and toblerone. I am quite happy and enjoying the process of their recruitment. The Management Trainee program they have is totally different with other company. No paper test such as psikotest or math test. They ask every candidate to perform and do discussing. And it make us involve 100% in the process they did. It’s really enjoyable and happy to be one of the member who has ever involve in their test.
#instagram #mondelez #mtprogram #management #trainee #leadership #leader #company #program #oreo #cadburry #toblerone #indonesia #fmcg #psikotest #food #beverage
My really really current mood now.
MT Program is good way for developing a new employee to be placed in a mid level position. What makes this program different than others is because this program has a tool and acurat masurement for creating a good leader. We are being tought about communication skill, an emphaty, simpathy, and absolutely the real face of reality we as a next leader will get in the work area.
Thanks God for having me join with this International Company.
Note : I will give a million dollar for everyone who can type my name correctly. Hahaha.. just kidding 😃
In this life, we can not deny that one has a lot of experience compared with others. It’s an unseen thing which only can explored by asking or learning from the person who had already passed it. We’re definetly unwise if we’re jelous with the success man. They have a car, big house and a beautiful marvelous wife while we don’t. Should we punish him or punish ourself? We of course didn’t know what kind of way that man has going through, what types of enemy he had killed, etc. So take a deep breath and just listen to what he said, to what he sincerely shared and dont forget to take a note. Because we don’t know when would that note is being useful for us 🙂
Happy sharing and learning.
I always push myself to keep learning from various types of industries. My career started in a completely different field. I started from a photo journalist, reporter, event orgranizer, artist manager, restaurant manager, up to the general manager at Hard Rock Cafe Indonesia.
Since I was young, I applied the systems of Happynomics in choosing jobs.
Salary is not the main priority, but the job must make me happy and there has to be an economic value. So money is always number two for me. When we do our job with all our heart, the result will be good and the money will come by itself.
Because of my experiences in various industries (especially in the entertainment and lifestyle industries), there were many companies that I started with some friends, who had the same ideas as I did. I was also invited to many seminars and handled so many events, local and internationals. All of these could happen of my experience working in different positions.
One thing for sure in the jobs that I’ve done, I kept doing it continuously with high passions. Accidently, almost everything I’ve done, I passed 10.000 hours.Happynomics :
Happiness comes first, before money.
Do the job with all our heart, the result will be good and the money will come by itself.
Taken from @yorissebastian
Self regard of a man is working. It is about how he make his routinity more productive, till then he can earn a lot of money by his own, and fulfil the needs of his. Finally sharing his time and wealth with the ones he means to.
Harga diri lelaki adalah bekerja. Tentang bagaimana ia menyibukan diri, untuk kemudian berpenghasilan sendiri, dan memenuhi kebutuhannya sendiri, lalu berbagi waktu dan materi utk orang-orang yg menurutnya berarti.
Try to have a spare time, no need to prepare anything. Just ride or walk and decide to get  lost. Get a breakfast or two and sit together beside a stranger. Don’t forget to be polite and have a nice chat with them and make a new friends. You’ll sometimes get a best story or a scariest one you’ve never knew. Let’s walk outside and see how beautiful the world we’ve nevet noticed before. The world is made for us…
Others is not as colorful as you are 🙂 #mantan
Too sweet to forget?
Rite @nisahsna?
A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that “individuality” is the key to success.
[Mr President]
I do love the way you face the problem sir. Really! Keep calm sir. Instead of your name is printed on any document you’ve never signed. You still give a trust to MKD handling Setya Novanto with his Freeport stuff. Sudirman Said has taken a good step informing media about this shit.
Now people are waiting Mahkamah Kehormatan Dewan to investigate this case. Whatever they did, just make sure everything is open for public so nothing to be worry and speculated. You are the best president I’ve ever known sir. Go ahead!
Before you die, just prepare yourself and never miss any kind of chance you get.
Let’s do Dhuha guys…
Every of us is part of a history, small or big. Everyone is a history maker, simple or fantastic. For you my friends who is passionate in spreading knowledge and kindness, writting is the basic skill you need to have.
Where do you learn nationalism? Is it told by Bung Karno? Nope! You learn and read it from the book written by the person you might never met. Every knowledge is recorded safely on the book. And the book need the person who’ll fill thousand of words in it.
So, stay stupid, stay hungry, then write!
Come on my friends. Please realize that the world need your voice. No need to go down the rood and shouting your opinion to the people. I know some of them is just a fake and no result after all. Please come on! Realize! Just open your browser from your home and share your opinion on the website. It’s obviously more effective than the demonstration you did. No need to burn the tires ha?
I’ve seen every kind of husband. Heard every justification you can imagine for every sort of indiscretion. Guys telling themselves. It’s just a little vacation from reality or that they’re some other guy when they step into that room. But I have seen grown men break down and cry when the chickens come home. Even if you’re getting away with it, you only get to be one person under the eyes of God. And these guys, they got to be asking themselves at the end of the day. If you’re the guy that walks through that door or if you’re not.
Leave that fake love and make sure that it’s all behind you now.
Life is full of drama, isn’t it? The only way to get out of every scenario on this theatre of life is face it and tackle all of those pain.
The morning vibe.
Thanks God I still alive and have a nice black coffee every day 😃
Art is not all about what you see or what you hear. It’s all about what you feel and what you think.
Kuat ya sayang. Kuatkan yaaa kita 🙂
Kadang, kita harus jadi robot bagi org lain.
Kadang, kita harus merelakan kebahagian yg kita miliki hilang hanya utk membuat yg lain bahagia.
Kadang, kita harus merelakan kebebasan yang kita punya hanya agar org lain tersenyum.
Kadang, kita lupa bahwa kita bukanlah robot tapi manusia.
Kadang, kita sadar betul bahwa mereka bukanlah Tuhan.
Kadang kita lupa punya Tuhan dalam arti sebenarnya.
Kadang kita harus menjadi apa yang org lain inginkan.
Kadang kita lupa bahwa apa yang kita lakukan tak sejalan dengan apa yg kita mimpikan.
Kadang kita harus merelakan semua hasil perjuangan kita sia-sia hanya agar org lain senang.
Kadang kita lupa cara menikmati hidup karena hidup sudah bukan lagi milik kita.
Kadang kita lupa bahwa tersenyum itu juga hak kita.
Kadang kita amnesia bahwa kita jga punya hak utk memilih dan memutuskan.
Kadang kita berkilah bahwa apa yg saya lakukan adalah yg saya impikan.
Kadang saya berpura-pura bahagia dan menyimpan tangisan hanya agar org lain tak memikirkannya.
Kadang hidup penuh drama.
Kadang dunia penuh kekangan.
Kadang kita tak bisa memilih.
Kadang kita hidup bagai dalam sangkar.
Kadang kita rela tak punya kebebasan.
Kadang kita giat belajar dan tekun berlatih hanya demi kepuasan org lain dan bahkan kita tak pernah bangga dengan apa yg kita raih.
Kadang saya luoa bahwa saya robot. Bukan manusia.
Happy new Islamic year 1437 H for everybody.
It’s up to you my friends to see this day as what you expect. Some people will see this day as a momentum for reflection and instropection. Some of you maybe see this day as a holiday while some pretend not to know why this date is printed red.
Let’s take a look for what we’ve done one year ago. I am gonna start by asking you and my self some retorical questions.How many adzan you pretend not to hear?
How many time you decide not to stop finishing your job when the time to pray is coming?
What is the last time you read quran?
What is the last time you do dhuha?
When was the last time you do jamaah together with other muslims in the mosque?
Are you gonna put your Rp 100.000 in to the box for helping someone who you never know?
Are you gonna miss your chance to get closer with Allah?Are you really sure not to sacrifice your 10 minutes for doing reflection and instropection for how many times you leave Allah?
Are you really sure want to miss those chances to get closer with the One who always give you everything, who always shows you the best way to take, who always understand you whenever you come, and always hear you wherever you pray?

Are you selfish?
I love this latest business card of my own. What makes this one unique compared to those old ones is its size, the design, the simplicity, and the secret it hides. And absolutely it describe me really well.
There you see 4 cards with different background. The side on the left top corner is the front face for the top right side. And the left bellow is the front face of the bellow right. So if you have 4 business card of mine and unite them based on the circles on its each edge, you will get the whole big picture.
I printed it on the ivory paper 260 gram and laminated with the glossy plastic. I put less information in it to strengthen its simplicity. This card just sized the half of a normal business card. I do it to make it enjoyable in human’s hand. And off course to make mine different than others.
So this is my business card, I put my design, my story and my self in it.
Hi, It’s nice to meet you 😃
Allah lebih tau kapan waktu terbaik untuk mengabulkan doa setiap hambanya.
Kita hanya perlu berkhusnuzan pada Allah. Dan jangan pernah berhenti berusaha serta berdoa.
Prinsipnya, Allah gak bakal pernah bilang ENGGAK buat doa2 hambaNya. Karena Jawaban Nya hanya 3 :
1. Ya, akan Aku kabulkan doa mu SEKARANG
2. Ya, akan Aku kabulkan doa mu NANTI, atau
3. Ya, Aku punya rencana yang lebih baik daripada permintaanmu itu.
This is how to use your perfume…

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